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General Recommendations for Health and Hygiene on Farm

Worker Health and Hygiene

  • Worker Health and Hygiene (Penn State Extension) Harvesters must take all possible health and hygiene measures to prevent contamination of produce. It is critical for those who work with fresh produce to follow good hygiene practices.
  • Worker Health, Hygiene, and Training (UMass Amherst's Center for Food, Agriculture, and the Environment)  This site includes posters, logs, charts, resources on sanitation products, fact sheets, and more.  There are two Word doc templates embedded on this website (worker training log and toilet and handwashing facilities maintenance log - these will automatically download to your computer).
  • First aid kit requirements - type of supply required by number of employees (PDF 68 KB)


  • Basics of Worker Training (YouTube, Michigan State University Extension Produce Safety) Farmer workers can be a source of contamination of fresh produce due to their ability to carry, introduce and spread human pathogens.
  • Worker Hygiene: Proper Handwashing (Vimeo, University of Hawaii Farm Food Safety)
  • Handwashing for Agricultural Workers (YouTube, New Mexico State University)  In this training video, we will cover the basics of proper handwashing with an emphasis on those who work in the Agriculture industry and handle raw produce. We will also outline the necessary equipment and supplies needed for proper handwashing.
  • Proper Handwashing for Food Processors (YouTube, New Mexico State University) This video will cover proper handwashing for food processors.
  • Hair restraints: Good Manufacturing Practices: Personnel (YouTube, New Mexico State University) This video will cover how to use hair restraints to comply with good manufacturing practices in a food processing facility. (Based on the Code of Federal Regulations and FSPCA Chapter 3.